Founded in 1985, Feed My Sheep Ministries is a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation. Feed My Sheep Ministries is an International Missions Organization which began  in 1985 working in Acapulco, Mexico with a mandate from God to plant a non-denominational church based on the Uncompromised Word of God.  In one of the most impoverished areas of the city, The Sheepfold Church was established in 1986, after first functioning as Home Bible Study Groups around the city.  Feed My Sheep Christian  Elementary School opened in September 1987.

Feed My Sheep Ministries, Inc. is  a member of Faith Christian Fellowship International, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our Founder

Teresa (Favors) Larsen, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, attended Oral Roberts University. She graduated from Word of Faith Bible College, Farmers Branch, Texas in 1980.

While on a missions trip to Israel in 1976, God called her to Missions. Before moving to Acapulco in 1985, Teresa  was an active member in her local church.  She was a volunteer children’s worker, teaching 3 year-old kids  each Sunday for 7 years. She was active in prayer groups and was in charge of the street ministry outreach in downtown Tulsa. 

In July, 1985, Teresa made her first trip to Acapulco, a vacation-mission outreach combo.  She and  a friend, Lisa, went ready to hit the streets of this tropical paradise, armed with Bibles and  250 books in the Spanish language, about salvation, healing, and  spiritual gifts.  They planned to give away the materials if there was a need or hunger for the things of God.  In the first three days, they had given away every piece of materials they had taken. Two people were born again and one was filled with the HOly Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Tongues! 

But after being there one full week, they did not meet one person who knew Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  As they walked the  streets of Acapulco, they repeatedly said, “Maybe we should come back here and start a church.” They had no idea they were speaking the very plan of God!  

They met regularly to seek the Lord for two weeks after returning to Tulsa, asking for His direction concerning Acapulco.  It became very clear that God had  ordained the trip with a greater purpose in mind.  He revealed His plan clearly:  “Go back and plant a church, based on the uncompromised Word of God, without denomination or rules of men; a church run by Mexicans for Mexicans.” 

Weekly prayer times followed and along with two more trips to get further direction and revelation from the Father.  Each week more and more plans developed and on each trip, He opened doors to be walked through in the future. 

Six short months later,  in January, 1985, with five suitcases, $1000 dollars and a vision to Change the Course of History for the nation, Teresa moved to Acapulco and began the work of establishing the Sheepfold Church. She did not have any contact person there, no one went with her from America. Her Spanish was very limited. She had no car, no place to live, a very small promise of monthly support to be given from her church in Tulsa. She did have a huge amount of faith that if God called her to do this work, He would make it possible.  Today, the Work speaks every day of the faithfulness of God and His great ability to do what we have no idea how to do!

When Teresa met a lady from Acapulco a few weeks after she arrived, the two of them began visiting people in all areas of the city.  They formed Home Bible Study Groups. This was the beginning of the Sheepfold Church, the first non-demoninational Word Church in the city! 

In time, the Home Bible Study Groups outgrew the homes they were meeting in. A home for the church became necessary to accomodate the people. In 1987. land was purchased in one of the most empoverished areas of the city- no running waters, no electiricty, no paved streets, houses made of tree brances and cardboard roofs. But is was in this area but where the Gospel was most widely welcomed and where miracles happened regularly. 

As soon as the land was purchased, The Sheepfold Church began. Since 1987, Teresa has been the Apostle of the Work. She served as full -time Senior Pastor of the Sheepfold Church for many years. Teresa has spiritual oversight and hands-on workings in the church  today. The Sheepfold has a national pastor and all the laborers are nationals from Acapulco.  All the church members are Mexican nationals. 

Teresa is also the founder of Feed My Sheep Christian Elementary School, located on the campus of The Sheepfold Church. This school was the first ever CHRISTIAN SCHOOL in the city of Acapulco. The school is reaching children of poor families and giving them an opportunity to overcome the Bondage of Ignorance through Christian Education.We are preparing the students for the future by giving them market place skills that will enable them to be productive citizens in their own county and not have to immigrate to where things seem to be more opportune.

God’s vision is to serve 100 students daily at FMSCS. The school is supported by Partner donations which makes it possible to function each day. Partners of Feed My Sheep Ministries donate all the funds to operate the school.  To be able to serve 100 kids each day, we must obtain more land and build more classrooms.  Over the past 22 years, we have served more than 500 students.  Some of the graduates are now serving as teachers and many graduates have their own children in this school.

Teresa travels extensively to Preach the Word of God in churches, Women’s Conferences, Bible Schools, prisons, jungles and on the streets of many nations. she is passionate about the call to Go into All the World preazching the Gospel. She is available to ministry to your church or group and will ignite a FIRE FOR THE NATIONS in your members!

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