The Sheep Fold Church

The Sheep Fold Church is reaching many with the gospel of salvation. Weekly worship services, prayer services, and disciple training we are raising up strong Christian leaders. Our Youth are actively engaged in spreading the gospel and worshiping Christ with enthusiasm.


Providing Christian Education K-6th grade. Children are taught all required fundamental subjects along with curriculum required by Mexico. Bible teaching is core to our mission.

Bible School

Bible School for Adults. Full VBC curriculum.



FMSM is reaching the Nations! Aculpulco, Mexico is where the Sheepfold Church is located along with the adjoining Christian School.

The Ministry Leader, Teresa Larsen has preached all over the World to spread the gospel.

In 2018, FMSM is planning to:

  • finish new classrooms
  • purchase adjoining property to expand the school to over 100 students
  • build more school buildings
  • enlarge the church building
  • purchase additional land

It is going to be a tremendous year and we are so EXCITED!

Come visit and take part in teaching these children core subjects and bible.

Bring a mission team to help evangelize Mexico!



Next Steps...

Feed My Sheep Ministries is growing and adding land and buildings to the Ministry. We are adding classrooms and growing our student body at no cost to the students. Please consider partnering with us to spread the gospel.