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  Kim and Teresa Larsen are the Founders of FEED MY SHEEP MINISTRIES, Willmar, Minnesota.  This ministry, established in 1985, is dedicated to the purpose of going into all nations, preaching the gospel and inspiring the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

  In 1985, before she and Kim were married, Teresa moved to Acapulco, Mexico to establish a local church, based on the uncompromised Word of God.  Teresa lived in Acapulco for 6 years, until she met and married Kim Larsen.  At that time, she moved to Minnesota with her husband. They regularly travel to Acapulco to help with the church and school that Teresa started.

  Part of the vision for the work in Acapulco includes a Christian School at the Sheepfold Church, which will eventually minister to 100 Mexican children.  Feed My Sheep Christian School opened in September, 1997.  Each student is given a full scholarship, which is provided by CLUB 222 MEMBERS.  Club 222 is a group of sponsors who donate $22.00 per month, to Feed My Sheep Ministries, provided a portion of the scholarship for one child.  Monthly cost for a child is approximately $125.00 which includes curriculum, teacher salaries, office supplies and all student expenses.

  FOUNDATION LAYERS are partners who give their largest one-time gift to provide all the foundational resources the school needs to operate; teacher's desks, chairs for teachers and students, bookshelves, office machines and other items.

  Another exciting aspect of Feed My Sheep Ministries is the SPANISH BOOK VISION - the importation and free distribution to Mexico of 1,000,000 books written by Kenneth E. Hagin and translated into the Spanish language.  Any Mexican pastor who would like free books can receive and distribute them to their congregation.  A set of 10 books can be provided for $20.00, including shipping to Mexico and Mexican import taxes.  This will be accomplished by God's provision of funds given to Feed My Sheep Ministries for this special ministry.

  Teresa is a graduate of Word of Faith Bible College, Dallas, Texas and attended Oral Roberts University.  She and Kim attend Word of Faith Family Church in Willmar, Minnesota.

  Teresa travels all over the United States and other parts of the world preaching and teaching God's Word when she is not in Mexico.  Kim travels with her as his business responsibilities permit.


  When God called Teresa Larsen to move to Acapulco in 1985, He had big plans for the city of Acapulco and the nation of Mexico!  God's direction to her was to establish a local church based on the non-compromised Word of God; a church without denomination, traditions or rules of man.  The SHEEPFOLD CHURCH began holding weekly services on its own property in November, 1986.  Today the church is thriving, impacting the city with the Good News of Salvation, Healing and Prosperity.

  God said if Teresa would be faithful to do what He told her, it would change the course of history for the nation!  The Lord said the way to change the course of history for the nations is to change the children.  You must raise up a new generation of believers who know their authority in Jesus, who know how to use the Word of God to change their circumstances, who are trained in prayer and able to lead others to Life in the Lord.  God said, "You will never change the course of history for the nation through the adults.  YOU MUST REACH THE CHILDREN AND THE YOUTH.  This is a generation which can be shaped and molded into the MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD I want them to be."

  We began to look for ways to reach the children of Acapulco, ways to change the course of history for the nation of Mexico.  FEED MY SHEEP CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is one of the ways God wants to touch the children of Acapulco.


The Dream

  FEED MY SHEEP CHRISTIAN SCHOOL was a dream for 10 years before it became reality.  In September 1997, we opened the doors to four kindergarten students!  The dream became reality right before our eyes!  In an area of Acapulco where most people live in one-room houses made of mud and sticks have no running water, dirt floors and outdoor bathrooms, the students are prospering.  God gave a plan for these impoverished children to have the opportunity to study in a Christ-centered atmosphere, where they can overcome the bondage of ignorance, and become productive citizens in the kingdom of heaven and on earth.


  The two story classroom building houses the Kindergarten/First Grade Learning Center, the school office (which doubles as a classroom), and the Learning Center for second through sixth grades.  At this time, we have space for 36 students.  God's vision for the school is to minister to 100 children.  Our property will not house that many students!  What's the answer?  We can construct two more learning centers on the property we have, or we can buy more property and construct A VERY LARGE learning center there.


  Since the school opened in 1997, each year we have expanded the curriculum and teaching staff.  God has shown us that we are to make the school a bilingual school, so students through 12th grade will be able to study here.  The Christian curriculum we use comes in Spanish only through sixth grade.  To minister to junior high and high school students, they must read, write and speak English.  We are using the Rosetta Stone Language Program to teach English to the students.  Our bilingual teacher assists the students in the computer lab where they use the interactive program to learn to read, write speak and understand the English language.  The teacher assists them with the computer lessons and gives them live English lessons to help them with spelling and writing English, and administers tests over the materials they are learning.

  With more computers in our computer lab, the students can have more learning time each day and become fluent in English much faster.  We praise God for his provision of the computers He has given us already!


  Kids who don't have the opportunity to learn computer skills will be very limited in the future work place.  To be sure our students are equipped for the good jobs, we are providing computer classes each week.  We are able to rent computers and instructors to come to the school once a week.  Each student then receives an hour of computer instruction.  The cost is only $5.00 per month per child for this service, a very minimum investment to prepare the student for whatever job God will place him or her in.  They are learning Word, Kids Paint, Excel and other well known programs. 


  Each day, the students have the opportunity to earn merits (points) for a job well done in their paces (workbooks), for obedience, for Scripture memorization, for not talking without permission, for pushing their chairs under their desks when they get up and many other things.  The merits are designed to inspire and motivate the students to be the best they can be, to excel in all areas of life.  At the end of the month, the students have an opportunity to spend their merits at the MERIT SALE.  What do they buy?  Little gifts partners like you send to the school.  The kids enjoy match box cars and trucks, trains, planes, billfolds, fancy pencils and erasers, hair clips and barrettes, highlighter markers, Barbie dolls and clothes, stickers, water color paint sets, jewelry, small purses, mirrors, small fancy spiral notebooks, fanny packs, crayons, colored pencils, little puzzles, small books in Spanish - most anything an American child likes.  Your children or your church children probably have a large collection of gifts that could be donated to the students in Acapulco for the Merit Sales.  If you don't have any toys on hand, a financial donation could be used to buy toys in Acapulco.  Please send your toy donations to our office in Willmar and we will be sure they get to Acapulco.  Thank you!


  Club 222 is God's economic plan for FEED MY SHEEP CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.  CLUB 222 MEMBERS contribute at least $22.00 each month to help pay for part of a student's school expenses.  Due to continued rising costs of curriculum, shipping, distributing materials and prizes, we spend approximately $125.00 monthly for each student.  This includes the student's text books, work books, pencils, erasers, pens, paper, scissors, glue, teacher's salaries, all office supplies - everything the student needs to attend a private school.  The student's parents provide their uniforms and shoes, in addition to $120 pesos (about $12 US dollars) each month.  This is a big expense for families whose average income is $5.00 per day!  FOUNDATION LAYERS are partners who desire to help with a one-time gift.  They send their largest donation to help purchase bookshelves, desks, chairs, computers and other large items.


  God has called FEED MY SHEEP MINISTRIES to CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY FOR THE NATIONS OF MEXICO.  God has shown us this will be done through six ministries.

1. Local Church - The Sheepfold Church, established 1985
2. Christian Elementary School - Feed My Sheep Christian School, established 1997
3. Bible Training Center - Preparing Spanish-speaking saints to go into all the world preaching the gospel
4. Orphanage - For children living on the streets of Acapulco, giving them a safe place to live, an education at a Christian School, and vocational training
5. Day Care Center - For single mothers who need help in caring for their children while they provide for their families
6. Missionary Training Center - For those called to the mission field, teaching them how to successfully live in other cultures and operate a ministry in another country

  If you believe God has a place for you with FEED MY SHEEP MINISTRIES, please contact our office!



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